At Davis Architects we work on a wide range of quality Residential and Commercial projects which respond to their unique contexts and our clients’ individual requirements. As multi-award winning Sydney and Byron Bay Architects we see each project as an opportunity to create a unique design solution. With a preference towards natural, sustainably sourced materials such as timber, stone and glass, we create elegant, modern, light-filled spaces which enhance a way of living with a sense of calm and grace. Focusing on high quality Residential and Commercial projects, we guide our clients through all stages of the process from concept design to project completion.

Our strong background in construction and project management means that we are always evolving our design practice, testing ideas and seeking to design practical, cost effective and innovative buildings for less.

The professional services we offer to a wide range of clients include Quality Residential Design, Commercial Design, Adaptive Re-use Projects, Environmentally Responsive Design, Project Management and Interiors.

We have a great appreciation for where we live on the Australian East Coast and realise that this helps to shape and influence our design solutions. We bring to each project our intuitive knowledge of climate, landscape, lifestyle and the “spirit of the place”. We believe that from an environmental standpoint each project should aim to “give back” and regenerate rather than than take away from its local environment. Our designs incorporate the existing landscape, local context and climate to create buildings that sit harmoniously in their surroundings.

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