Creative Overview

Cremorne Residence

The owners of this project approached Davis Architects to modernise this grand old 1920’s residence whilst still maintaining the charm & character of the existing architecture in the front and upstairs areas.  With a very poor existing relationship to the rear garden and pool the brief called for a new living / dining / kitchen area that bought the outside in. Our approach was to attempt to simplify the form of the addition so as to intentionally contrast with the existing building. The effect being that the entire back of the existing house now appears very modern. As a result, internally we were able to create a large barrier-less living space whose main focus is the garden courtyard.

The detail throughout the project is suppressed so as to focus the eye on the internal and external spaces themselves and play of light upon different surfaces.  Colours and materials however were selected to match closely with the existing to allow the old and new to sit comfortably together. Detailed elements such as the floating glass bench and automatic retractable awnings were inserted to add to the sense of transparency and openness.

Project completed under "Davis Yee Architects" with architect Vanessa Yee. 

Cremorne Residence