Creative Overview

Alexandria Terrace

Set on a leafy street in Sydney's suburb of Alexandria, this project called for the expansion of a single storey residence to allow for the needs of a young growing family.  The clients also had specific requirements.  Timber was to be used extensively and their art collection also needed to be accommodated. 

The design features numerous environmental features, the most important being the central light well and 'green wall' which draws air and light into the building.  This space is the 'lungs' of the house.  Other key environmental features include: underfloor heating, rainwater tanks designed into the slab and passive solar design strategies.

Client Testimonial 
Edward Davis has been the architect for both of our home renovations. Despite having a few architects in our family mix we went back to Edward because his work is fabulous. He is happy to push when it's needed and give when the client is hell bent on expressing their taste. He accommodated our requests for environmental features and desire to trial new building materials. Edward has a keen aesthetic that runs through all of his work, but a great willingness to listen to his clients and help them express their lives and taste through their home. I couldn't speak more highly of him. 
Kate Dezarnaulds
- Green Magazine Home Feature Issue 24

Alexandria Terrace


Inner Sydney residence designed by Ed Davis architect
01 Inner Sydney architect Ed Davis designed this Alexandria Terrace
02 Alexandria architect Ed Davis designed this sustainable home
03 Family home designed by Ed Davis architect Sydney
04 Residential house designed by Davis Architects Sydney
05 Design by Byron Bay architects Davis Architects
06 Davis Architects are Byron Bay and Sydney architects
07 Alexandria Terrace designed by Sydney Architect Ed Davis